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POSTED Saturday, July 14, 2012

THANKS to ALL OF YOU who attended Richard's class and milonga last night! A special BIG THANKS to Chuck Hand for the always great playlist, and to Gene & Tony who brought a delish chicken salad and a buttery cheesecake. They also donated a bottle of wine for a door prize. We were also flattered to have a guest visiting from Charlotte NC, who found us via this website!

Considering it's summer in Florida, we had decent attendance last night and last month. But we have to keep it up to keep him coming back! So please be sure to mark your calendar... RICHARD WILL BE BACK on FRIDAY, AUGUST 3rd...the 1st Friday rather than the second.

Also, please consider a private lesson to complement your group lessons. A very precise dancer and teacher, Richard can quickly pinpoint the details that will improve your dancing and your confidence. You can share the lesson with another person to reduce the cost, too. Contact Richard directly to schedule your lesson:  954-264-7480, or

LAST NIGHT we also had our first 50/50 drawing. Besides the opportunity for one lucky person to win half the pot, the purpose of the drawing is to establish a Milonga Fund, to ensure that we can keep great teachers and tango events in Stuart.

Having such a fund available will mitigate the uncertainty of planning and promoting events, so when an event is scheduled, you can be sure it will go on as advertised. You can put it on your calendar with wondering if enough people signed up. (Of course, this does not mean your personal attendance isn't critical! Without YOU, there's no point!)

Obviously it will take a while to reach that level of funding, so please consider participating in the 50/50 drawing next time you come to a milonga at Craig's studio!

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