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Tangolera (Bandolera)

Madame Pivot 

Monsieur Pivot

THE most comfortable & stable tango shoes on the planet!

Premium tango shoes, handmade in small quantities with premium Italian materials & craftsmanship.

Leather soles so you can wear them off the dance floor... to dinner, parties, fundraisers, anywhere!


Now there's another way to get the best Italian tango shoes through me!


I am always delighted to personally advise and assist in getting your next pair of Bandolera/Tangolera or Madame/Monsieur Pivot tango shoes -- but now there's a new way to get the best Italian tango shoes through me!


Just go to my personal referral link on the Axis Tango website:


Axis Tango is the exclusive US distributor of Bandolera/Tangolera and Madame/Monsieur Pivot shoes, and I am the only official Axis Tango rep in Florida and the southeast.


Using my link to Axis Tango, you can see all the styles and models available, as well as what's currently in stock in your size.


When you see something you want, please contact me and I will order for you, as always.

Call/text:  5561-818-7295



Or, now you can order directly through my personal referral link.


Either way, I greatly appreciate your business and your joy in the most beautiful, comfortable, and stable tango shoes on the planet!

CLICK on the photo below to see the entire collection!

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