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THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all who made it possible for MILONGA de CORAZÓN to reach the FIVE YEAR milestone at Craig's studio. It's really been a proverbial cast of thousands, too, starting with GEORGE & JUDY GO, who in 2005 (2006?) started the first milonga on the Treasure Coast in Jensen Beach. Later, CHUCK HAND, BOB MURRAY, and PEGGY KAMIN took over responsibility for the milonga until 2010 when Bob and I moved it to Craig's studio. CRAIG GALVIN's generosity of spirit as studio owner has allowed me to create the ambiance and events that I envision, and the financial leeway to keep tango events viable. Still it's difficult to believe it's already been five years!

I call Craig's studio The Place to Tango on the Treasure Coast largely because of the high quality instructors that we have always had. Many thanks go to VICKY SIERRA andSUSANA RUBIO who taught weekly classes from 2010 to early 2015, and ARMANDO ORZUZA & NURIA MARTINEZ, our current and amazing professional instructors on Wednesday nights. On a monthly basis, we've always been able to count on great pre-milonga workshops by nationally known instructor RICHARD COUNCIL and popular local instructor MICHAEL VINCITORIO. Many people tell me they come to Stuart and other venues for the music curated by DJ CHUCK HAND. He has invested a small fortune and countless hours into making danceable playlists as well as entertaining and educational video accompaniment. Muchas gracias!

Craig's is also The Place to Tango because over the years we've had a virtual Who's Who roster of visiting tango professionals ... JORGE NEL & MILENA... JORGE TORRES...JEREMIAS & MARIELA (Tango Axis)... PABLO REPUN... OSCAR & GEORGINA MANDAGARAN... HOMER & CRISTINA LADAS... EDWIN ESPINOSA & ALEXA YEPES...MONICA LLOBET... FABIAN SALAS & LOLA DIAZ.. JUNIOR CERVILA & GUADALUPE GARCIA... ARMANDO & NURIA... and now, NATALIA HILLS & ALEJANDRO AQUINO... ( I hope I didn't forget anyone ) and we're not done yet!  

We would not have been able to celebrate this anniversary if not for each and every one ofYOU who filled the house last night, as well as every person who ever walked in the door for a class, workshop or milonga. Without you, there is no tango on the Treasure Coast.

For last night's bash, I must first thank Armando and Nuria for bringing NATALIA & ALEJANDRO,two of the world's most famous dancers, to Stuart. It was a thrill to meet them in Buenos Aires a couple weeks ago, and an honor to have them teach and perform for us here. Many thanks to AUGIE FRISCIA for the most generous and delicious shrimp cocktail... LORELY RIDGE for mini-quiches... DEBORAH DATZ for cheese and apple slices with crackers... KATHLEEN & GARY WEIDENHEIL for wine-dipping biscotti & truffles...CHRIS RUNGE for bleu cheese & crackers (which I will enjoy later!)... andGABRIEL BARTOLI for underwriting the special anniversary cake. All these treats, along with tortellini, mozzarella with grape tomatoes and artichoke hearts, and a platter of pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and kiwi made quite a buffet table! Thank you, too, toGISEL RIDGE, TERESA SANTOS, GEORGE TOWNSEND, and GUIA BROWN who brought friends to their first tango experience — wow, are they starting at the top or what! Much appreciation to those who stayed late to help clean up and share wine and leftovers — Deborah, Augie, SUZIE ELIA, and MIKE STRAUSS. Finally, thanks to Armando & Augie for the photos!

As long as you keep coming, we will be there with the best professional teachers and the most elegant milongas. If you have had fun at milongas at Craig's, if you've learned a thing or two at workshops, PLEASE KEEP COMING BACK. OFTEN! And please invite your friends from other milongas to share a ride and share the FUN! With your active participation, we'll be able to celebrate another five years of tango on the Treasure Coast. Meanwhile, I wish us all lots of happy tandas! Gracias, con abrazos y besos.  —  Kathryn

OCTOBER 25, 2015

JUNIOR CERVILA & GUADALUPE GARCIA, NURIA MARTINEZ & ARMANDO ORZUZA at C.I.T.A. Milonga, Hollywood FL...  fabulous group class, dancing, and a breathtaking, spectacular preview of QUILOMBO! show. 


Thanks, Lee Ranger, for the photos!

Photo by Henri-Louis (Hank) Hirschfeld

SUNDAY - AUGUST 23, 2015

Sunday Jazz Jam at

Double Roads Tavern, Jupiter


Photo by

Henri-Louis (Hank) Hirschfeld


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