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POSTED Sunday, July 1, 2012...

WHERE to begin to express my appreciation for the everyone who helped make yesterday's tango events in Stuart a success...

FIRST OF ALL to Pablo Repun for a great, fun workshop and class before the Blue Moon Milonga...
And to Chuck Hand, for creating a really wonderful playlist for the milonga.

THANKS for the delicious food and treats: Bruce (baked salmon and his homemade sourdough rolls), Laura (cheeses & crackers; Chilean salad), Tony (chicken salad and cocktail rye), Debra J (pasta salad), Sue (fresh cut mango), Mary Jane (chocolate cake), Bonnie (homemade chocolate candies), and Kevin (wine!!!). I hope I didn't forget anyone or anything!

MANY THANKS to YOU who attended the workshop and/or the milonga. We had terrific attendance last night.

Every single one of you made it happen. One person, two or three, five — not big numbers by themselves, but every ONE makes a BIG difference in the way our milongas look and feel, in the energy of the room, and the fun you can have. If you had not been there, the event would have been different.

So, if you had a good time last night, please do come again next month (Saturday, July 21st). Please tell your tango friends it's worth the drive! And please introduce your friends to the joy and fun that is tango!

And finally, THANKS to Manny & Fabiola, for bringing Georgina's fabulous tango clothes. (For those of you lucky enough to dance with either of them...take note because I believe they will be our instructors at the next Blue Moon Milonga on Saturday, September 29th! More about Manny & Fabiola later!)

P.S. Thanks, Bruce, for the class photo and the one of Pablo and me!

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